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Welcome to Kyvos v5.3

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To get started using Kyvos
  • Getting Started with Kyvos Helps you get started using Kyvos and introduces common features and functionality 
  • Kyvos Administrators Guide - Helps you set up users, groups, and connections, import data, set up jobs, and covers security considerations
  • Kyvos Designers Guide - Helps you get started accessing data, transforming data, creating external tasks, user-defined functions, and building dataset relationships. Additionally, it helps you get started creating and building cubes.
  • Kyvos Business Users Guide - Helps you create interactive reports, charts, and dashboards
  • Kyvos Properties Guide - Helps you customize many features of Kyvos. Provides reference details about the available properties.
  • Kyvos Glossary - Provides industry and product-specific descriptions.
Release notes
  • Release notes - Helps you identify the new features and enhancements for each release.
Additional resources

Getting Help

Kyvos provides several ways to learn how to use the available features.

There are tooltip and other help items available throughout Kyvos. Hover the cursor over various onscreen items to see what types of assistance are available. For example, in the workbook, you can hover over each of the available chart types to find out what types of data they need.

See help throughout the product for details about using that feature.

Be sure to skim this guide and look through Common actions so you know how to use the features that are common throughout the product.

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