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The property specifies the data security applicable for serving query results. Kyvos supports two levels of data security checks before serving query results.

These are:

Data security configured for Kyvos that is the row and column level security defined at individual cubes.

Data security configured on the Hadoop Cluster using tools like Ranger or Sentry.

Values and behavior:

  • Disabled (0): All data security validations are disabled.
  • All (1): All supported security validations are enabled.
  • Only Kyvos data security (2): Only Kyvos data security is enabled.

Default value:


  • Application: If this property is set in the BI Server property file (, then the property value is applicable for all the cubes.
  • Connection: If the property is set at the connection, then the property will override the application level property value and will be applicable for all the cubes.
  • Cube: If the property is set on a cube, then the value will override both the application level and connection level values for that cube.

Comes into effect:
The property comes into effect in a new browsing session after setting the property on the cube. This property does not require a cube rebuild.

Dependencies and related properties:


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