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This property specifies the cuboid cache level. This is an off-heap memory-based cache on the query engines. Enabling this cache helps improve the performance of queries. The maximum number of cuboids that can be cached depends on the off-heap memory configurations of the query engines.

Values and behavior:

The percentage of cuboid blocks to be cached is determined by the value selected for this property.

  • NONE: Cuboid cache is disabled for the particular cube
  • AUTO: System will determine the optimal cache percentage
  • LOW: 25% of cuboid blocks are cached
  • MID: 50% of cuboid blocks are cached
  • HIGH: 75% of cuboid blocks are cached
  • VERY HIGH: 90% of cuboid blocks are cached
  • FULL:100% of cuboid blocks are cached
  • FULL AGGREGATES: Caches all aggregate blocks

Default value:



Cube: If the property is set on a cube, then the value will override the connection level value for that cube.

Comes into effect:

This will come into effect from the next browsing instance when cuboids are cached in memory. This property does not require a cube rebuild.

Dependencies and related properties:

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