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This property specifies the compatibility mode to use Kyvos for MDX/XMLA responses with third-party BI tools.

Values and behavior:
1 - Compatible with most of the BI tools like MS Excel and Tableau.
2 - Compatible with MicroStrategy.

Default value:

Connection and cube: If the property is applied at both cube and connection, then the value set at the cube level will be respected for that particular cube.

Comes into effect:
It comes into effect in a new browsing session after setting the property on the cube. This property does not require a cube rebuild.

Dependencies and related properties:

In cases where both mode 1 and mode 2 tools are in use for the same cube, compatibility issues may arise.
It is recommended to set the value of the property before designing the worksheets on the cube from any visualization tool; else it may lead to corrupt reports.

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