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Users can specify the Java options for the Mapper jobs launched during the initial phase of a Kyvos cube build. These are the indexing jobs.

Values and behavior:
The memory value of the property should be lesser than so that they are within the bounds of the container memory allocated by YARN.
If the property is not applied then, the Java options applied to the Map jobs will be taken from the value of the property.

For example
In order to specify the Xmx memory for specific Kyvos jobs that are Mapper, set the Xmx memory value in the java format.
-Xmx4096M, which would represent 4 GB for Xmx memory.

Default Value:

The value configured in for property.


  • Connection: If the property is applied at the connection, then the same Java options will be applied to all the cubes(if not applied on the cube).
  • Cube: If the property is applied at cube and connection then the value set at the cube will be respected for that particular cube.

Comes into effect:
The value of the property can be changed at any time and will be respected in the next cube build instance.

Dependencies and related properties:


Please read the recommendation provided for the property.

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