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The property specifies the container memory for indexing jobs that are launched during full and/or incremental cube build.

Values and behavior:
Any positive number, representing the number of megabytes of container memory.

Default value:
Value configured in


  • Connection: If the property is applied at the connection, then the containers of Mapper jobs will be launched with the same memory for all the cubes (if not applied on the cube).
  • Cube: If the property is applied at cube and connection both, then the value set at the cube will be respected for that particular cube.

Comes into effect:
The value of the property can be changed at any time and will come into effect after the next cube build instance.

Dependencies and related properties:


The property value should be configured considering the highest expected cardinality in the cube for any dimension or distinct count measure. 
Kyvos lab tested optimal settings: For a dimension/distinct count measure with a cardinality of 1 Billion, the property should be set to 25600 (25 GB).

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