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This property specifies an upper limit when pulling distinct dimensional values from a non-materialized cube. The value defined for this property lets you limit the number of rows scanned required for serving the responses of metadata queries.

Values and behavior:
A positive integer indicating the number of rows to scan for generating query response.

Default value:

-1: By default, the system will scan the entire table.


  • Cube: If the property is applied at a cube, then the value set at the cube will be respected for that particular cube.

Comes into effect:
This property can be applied at any time. For Metadata queries on non-materialized cubes.

Dependencies and related properties:

This property can significantly impact the query performance of meta queries. Generally, if the fact table is large, where a full table scan is slow, the value should be adjusted. However, if the value is too low, the cache will miss values on certain columns.

If you set the value as 1000, the meta cache query would add a LIMIT clause to the query, limiting the record scan to 1000 rows to find the distinct values.

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