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Using this property, the user can control dimension combinations to be pre-aggregated in a cube build.

Values and behavior:
Specify the dimension names for materialization using the property dialog. In each dimension combination, dimensions are kept in a specific order (see to know more about dimension order).
While choosing dimension combinations to materialize using this property, only those combinations are materialized which starts with the chosen dimension(s). For example, consider a cube of 4 ordered dimensions named as A, B, C, and D. If you choose dimension A and C to be materialized, then the following combinations will be materialized:
Combinations materialized for dimension A
1. A
2. AB
3. ABC
Combinations materialized for dimension C
5. CD
By default, all dimensions are materialized.

Default value:
There is no default value provided to this property, all dimensions are materialized.

The property can only be set on a cube.

Comes into effect:
The value of the property can be changed at any time and a full build is required for changes to come into effect. Value changes before an incremental build would cause failures.

Dependencies and related properties:

The purpose of this property is to reduces the cube build time and size by materializing selective dimension combinations during cube build. Doing so may impact query performance.

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