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This property specifies the size of the blocks or splits used by a job launched by Kyvos. This value controls the number of Mappers required for build jobs. It also controls the size of cuboids and the number of cuboids when applied on a cube.

Values and behavior:

Any positive number value representing the split size in bytes

Default Value:

Defaults to the Hadoop configuration in the HDFS-site.xml file.


  • Connection: If the property is set at the connection, then the property value is applicable for all dataset build and cube build jobs.
  • Cube: If the property is set on a cube, then the value will override the connection level value for that cube’s build job.
  • Dataset: If the property is set on a dataset, then the value will override cube level value for that cube’s dataset build job.

NOTE: If the property is set on the cube, dataset, and connection, then the value set at the cube will be respected for that particular cube.

Comes into effect:
This property comes into effect only when is set as MapReduce. The value of the property can be changed at any time and will be respected in the next build instance.

Dependencies and related properties:

This is a balanced property. A higher value will result in fewer, but larger cuboids, whereas a lower value will result in more, but smaller cuboids.

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