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A dashboard allows you to see the charts from several related worksheets all in one view. These charts are referred to as cards. You can link cards on the dashboard as either a source or target. When cards are linked, changes to one card affect others. You can easily tell whether a filter is applied, hide titles on the cards, and do other tasks.

You can resize and reposition cards in the dashboard, and add external URL-based cards to the dashboard. If themes are available in your Kyvos application, you can use them to customize the appearance of dashboards.

 When there is no data to show, you can have cards in the dashboard automatically shrink by setting properties.

You can do the following tasks with dashboards:

  • Create or Edit
  • Save
  • Copy
  • Rename
  • Delete
  • Share
  • Rearrange elements
  • Add notes
  • Add notifications
  • Show related entities
  • Add Cards
  • Link cards
  • Apply a filter
  • Change the background theme
  • Share a URL link to a dashboard with other Kyvos users

Instructions for doing the common tasks are covered in Common actions

You can work with dashboards in View or Design mode. In View mode, you can't change the details of the dashboard. 

Dashboard tips

You can:

  • View a geo map with pie bubbles. For example, to analyze the percentage of profit by the sales category in a region, the location bubbles are pie charts that show the percentage of profit by category for each region. The size of each pie is determined by total profit in that region as compared to others.
  • Create a card that shows a parent card on top and child cards below based on the filter values. 
  • Apply a filter that applies to different cubes.
  • Drill up or drill down into data from cards on the dashboard. For example, if you have a chart with month level analysis, you can drill down further to the day level.
  • View notes for a worksheet in the dashboard by hovering the cursor over the i icon.
  • Export a single card from a dashboard in PDF or CSV format.
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