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Charts allow you to slice, dice, and drill-down into data. You will see examples of these types of analysis in this guide.

  • Slice - is the act of picking a rectangular subset of a cube by choosing a single value for one of its dimensions. For example, the sales figures for all sales regions and all product categories of the company in a year can be "sliced" out of the data cube.
  • Dice - is a slice on more than two dimensions of data. A dice, for example, shows the sales figures of a limited number of product categories, while the time and region dimensions cover the same range as the slice example.
  • Drill up/down - allows you to navigate among levels of data ranging from the most summarized (up) to the most detailed (down)

For most of the chart types, you can set up labels, colors, choose the scale at which you view data, and more. You can also easily observe how a filtered view relates to the entire dataset. Hover the cursor over the various items on the screen to learn more about them.

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