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In the upper-left corner of the window, you'll see the menu icon that displays the Toolbox.

In the upper-right corner of the window, you'll see some of the other system-wide options. The rest are on the Preferences menu. Click the person icon in the upper-right corner of the window to display the menu and choose Preferences. The other choices you see on the menu vary depending on if you are logged in via a local account or LDAP.

System-wide options and menu

System wide options

Use the question mark icon to view help. If help is not enabled for your installation, you will not see the icon.

Home returns you to the home page.

The bell notification icon displays notifications and also indicates the number of current notifications.

In this example, the person icon is set to the letter L. The person icon provides a menu of other system-wide options.

To learn about logging in and out and setting the password, see Common tasks.

To see the available preferences, click Preferences

To see a list of keyboard shortcuts, click Keyboard Shortcuts.

To learn about the current release and view the release notes, click About.

To watch a high-level overview of using Kyvos click Guided Tour.

To sign out of Kyvos, click Sign Out.

If you don't see the Change Password menu item, you are using an LDAP account to login and can't change the password from within Kyvos.


If themes are enabled in your installation, you can set the theme by clicking one of the options. See Selecting a workspace theme.

To display the Toolbox by default instead of hiding it, you can change the Navigation drawer preference. See Toggle navigation settings.

To specify whether the interface scales automatically, check the option. See Scale interface resolution.

When working with workbooks, you can specify whether the tabs display at the top or bottom of the page.

workbook tab position.png

Preference options

Home page options

See home page for more details.

Use Search to quickly find objects you have recently used.

To toggle the home page view between a list or tiles, click the appropriate icon.

To start creating a new object, click New.

To start a new analysis, click Start New Analysis.

When you have opened an object of any type, the title displays in the browser tab. 

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