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The related entities window allows you to see the source or dependent entities of the object you are working with. You can also choose to see both source and dependent entities. Use this feature to view the relationships between items such as files and datasets and see how they are related. The legend at the bottom of the window shows the icons for each type of item shown in the window.

For example:

  • A registered file is used as the source for a dataset or dataset relationship.

  • A dataset is used as the source for a dataset or dataset relationship. It can use a registered file, dataset, or a cube as a source.

  • A dataset relationship is used as the source for a cube. It uses a dataset or registered file as a source.

  • A cube can be used as the source for a dataset or worksheet. It uses a dataset relationship as a source.

  • A worksheet uses a cube as its the source. It is used as a source for a dashboard.

Available actions in the related entities window

  • Click and drag to move in the window.
  • Press Ctrl and drag to select multiple items.
  • Click the background of the page to deselect multiple items.
  • Right-click an item to see the available options.
  • Use the Toggle minimap icon to show or hide the inset image of the window.
  • Use the icons at the bottom of the window to zoom in, zoom out, fit to screen, or refresh.

To learn how to use this window, see Viewing related entities.

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