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After you have made significant changes, you should refresh the data you are viewing. You will need to refresh data in many areas of the product.

Refresh relationship or cube data

There are two ways to refresh relationship or cube data you are viewing:

  • Click the Actions menu ( ⋮ ) at the top of the Dataset, Relationships, or Cube column. Choose Refresh.

  • Click the ... menu and choose Refresh.

You can also refresh dataset data using the same methods.

Refresh workbooks, a workbook folder, a worksheet, or dashboard

Do one of the following:

  1. From the Toolbox, click Workbooks.
    1. Use Search or scroll to find the name of the folder or workbook you want to update.
    2. Click the Actions menu (  ) next to the column name.
    3. Choose Refresh.
  2. While viewing a worksheet, click the ... menu and choose Refresh.
  3. While viewing a dashboard, click the ... menu and choose Refresh.

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