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OLAP4j integration architecture 

The following figure illustrates OLAP4j integration architecture. 

The architecture consists of the following components. 

  • Host Application: The Java-enabled application into which Kyvos data is queried using OLAP4j APIs. 
  • OLAP4j Driver for XMLA Component: Jar files to be included in the classpath of the host application. 
  • Kyvos Cluster: One or more computers on which the Kyvos software is running. Generally, this cluster is deployed on Hadoop cluster computers. One of these computers deploys the Kyvos BI Server, which acts as a communication point for the client APIs. You may need the IP address or name of that computers to configure the APIs. 
  • APIs: The APIs provided by OLAP4j for querying data and metadata from cubes.  


Kyvos provides the capability to connect using the OLAP4j APIs to browse cube data. You must specify an MDX query. 

To use the OLAP4j APIs with Kyvos, include the following jar files in the classpath of the host application. 

  • olap4j-1.1.jar 
  • xercesImpl-2.9.1.jar 

These jar files are included in the Kyvos installation. You can find the files at <Kyvos_Web_App_path>\WEB-INF\lib location. 

Java reference document 

You can view the Java reference document for OLAP4j APIs at 

OLAP4j Use Cases supported in Kyvos

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