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Kyvos enables self-service, interactive analytics on your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by building an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer directly on the cloud

Kyvos consists of two main components: BI Servers and the Query Engines. The Kyvos BI server and the query engines are deployed on Google Compute Engine.

Once the cubes are built, they are stored in Google Cloud Storage for persistent storage. To achieve high performance, Kyvos replicates the cuboids and their metadata on the Google Persistent Disk. This helps in delivering much higher performance as compared to querying cubes directly on Cloud Storage.

With Kyvos, you can also build OLAP cubes on your BigQuery data warehouse or directly on your Google cloud storage.


Kyvos' modern architecture enables deep integration with GCP, as shown in the following figure.

Architectural diagram

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