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Kyvos Manager is a client-server model based web application for managing the Kyvos cluster lifecycle (deployment, monitoring, and management). It uses database only to store information related to cluster configuration, cluster health, and history for the management activities. The installation package comes with pre-bundled RDBMS for use with Kyvos Manager, so there is no need for an explicit setup of RDBMS.

Kyvos Manager architecture

You can deploy the Kyvos Manager on any of the nodes where you plan to deploy Kyvos Services (BI Server or Web Server), or on a separate machine.

The following diagram shows the Kyvos Manager architecture.

Kyvos Manager architecture

Kyvos Manager workflow

The Kyvos Manager deploys a Kyvos Manager Agent on each cluster node, which in turn offers the capability of monitoring (services and node health monitoring using CLI, JMX, and Java API). Kyvos Manager Agent periodically pushes node and service health status updates to the Kyvos Manager (over HTTPS/HTTP using REST API), which are then available on Kyvos Manager web UI against health status for that node.

Non SSH version of Kyvos Manager performs all the cluster life cycle management activities on a single node by executing commands locally on the same node without a need for connecting to the node over SSH.

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