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Use Highlight in bar charts to highlight additional information in the chart. To use this feature, add one of the already selected dimensions to the Highlight list and set up criteria for the data you want to highlight. Note that incomplete conditions will be ignored and you may not receive the results you are seeking.  

To assign a highlight

  1. From the Toolbox, choose Workbooks, then select a workbook and worksheet.
  2. Select the Design workspace icon if needed. 
  3. Drag a currently used dimension or measure value to the Highlight list.
  4. Click the color sample shown in the dialog box to display the color picker, where you can choose a different color.
    1. Choose a color by selecting a color or entering a value. 
    2. Click Select.
  5. For crosstab or table, you can choose to highlight an entire row or column.
  6. Set the condition that you want to highlight by choosing among field, criteria, value, members.
    1. Use the And or Or operators along with additional rows to create more complex criteria.
    2. Click the plus sign to add additional rows.
  7. Click Highlight to apply.

To edit or remove a highlight

  1. To edit the highlight settings, right-click the measure or dimension in the highlight list and click Edit.
  2. Click the (  menu next to Highlight and choose Clear All to clear all settings.
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