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Kyvos supports exporting information to a PDF file or a comma-separated value (CSV) format file.

If you include the table data, you will create a PDF file containing both the chart and a table of the data—the same table shown when you click right-click the chart and choose Show Data.

If you are exporting data from a crosstab to a CSV file, select which columns to export, and specify the line and field separators. See Exporting data from a crosstab.

To email chart data, see Sharing an object.

To export data from a chart

  1. From the Toolbox, select Workbooks, then choose a workbook and worksheet.
  2. Click the Options menu above the chart area. Choose Export.
  3. For Format, choose PDF or CSV.
    1. For PDF: choose to export the dashboard image (the visualization) and data in a table or just the visualization.
    2. For CSV: choose the line and field separators, and optionally, the enclosed by separators. Select whether to include the header.
  4. Click Export.

The resulting file is downloaded to your local computer.

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