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Drilling down through data involves accessing information by starting with a general category and moving through the hierarchy allowing you to explore multidimensional data by moving from one level of detail to the next. Drill-down levels depend on the data granularity. For example, you can drill down to see sales for sales representatives by year, quarter, month, and broken down by product.

You can drill into elements of a chart to see the data in more details. As you drill up or drill down, you will see the chart change to reflect the level at which you are viewing the data. These two images come from the same dataset viewed at different levels.

To drill up or drill down

  1. From the Toolbox, select Workbooks, then select a workbook and worksheet.
  2. Select the Design workspace icon if needed. 
  3. Right-click an element in a chart such as a bar in a graph and you will see either Drill Up or Drill Down depending on the level at which you are currently viewing the data.
  4. Choose Drill Down to look at more details or Drill Up to look at the data from a higher level.
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