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Kyvos provides a lot of flexibility in how you want to configure the panels in the various views. Depending on how your organization implements Kyvos functionality, you may see a subset of Kyvos functionality embedded within your own company’s portal and some of these options may not apply to your configuration.

Kyvos uses permissions to control access to product features. Depending on the access rights you’ve been given, some options may not be available. 

You will see a warning message if your account doesn’t have appropriate security access to the underlying resources needed to perform specific tasks. 

Kyvos allows you to configure some workspaces for how you work. You can choose to view and hide panels and drag items to move them and boundaries to resize them.

Configurable workspaces are found in: 

  • Datasets

  • Relationships
  • Cubes
  • Workbooks

Workspace icon and options

To set up a workspace configuration

  1. Do one of the following:
    1. Click the ... menu and choose Workspace Settings to customize the workspace.
    2. For some object types, you can click the Workspace icon near the top of the workspace to see the choices. 
      If there are Design and View options you can use Workspace Settings to customize how they are configured.
    3. You can drag some of the other onscreen elements to set their locations.
  2. To arrange panels, do the following:
    1. To show, hide, or collapse panels, click the Action ( ⋮ ) icon at the top right of the panel and choose the appropriate menu option. 
    2. To position or rearrange panels or columns, drag them within the browser window, and arrange them on the right or left sides of the browser window.
    3. To change the size of a panel, drag it from the bottom.
    4. To create a floating panel, drag a panel to the work area.
    5. To dock a floating panel, drag it back to one of the sides to have it rejoin the other panels.
  3. You can toggle columns of panels to switch between hidden and visible or to collapse the information in them. Click the Action ( ⋮ ) icon, and choose an option such as Hide or Collapse.
    Use Revert to restore hidden columns and Expand to restore collapsed details.

You can also restore default settings using the Workspace Settings option. The site administrator configures the default layouts.

To restore the default settings

  1. Click the ... menu and choose Workspace Settings.
  2. Click Restore Default Layout. Click Restore Default Layout again to confirm, or click Cancel.

Configuring workspaces

You can customize the Design and View workspace configurations and easily toggle between them.

Workspace Settings

The Workspace Settings option lets you make selections based on the available options. The settings shown are those for the Workbook workspace.

Workbook Workspace settings

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