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The process for creating a new object is the same for many types of objects in Kyvos.

The easiest way is, to select that object type such as cubes, right-click to display the available options in the list, click the Actions menu ( ⋮ and click Add.

Any types that are exceptions are discussed in other sections. For example, see the sections on worksheets and dashboards to learn how to add those types of objects.

To add an object

  1. From the Toolbox, select the object type.
  2. Click the Actions menu ( ⋮ ), choose Add object type, and the new object is created.
    For example, choose Add File.
  3. For some object types, you may need to provide additional information before the new object is created.
  4. Use Save to save the object and provide a name. You are prompted to save your work before switching to a different object type.

From the Home page, you can also use the New button located below the system-wide options.

To learn more about providing additional information about a specific object type, refer to where that object type is discussed in the documentation. 

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