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Kyvos lets you create multiple segments and divide system resources among these segments. This includes query engines, core, and memory. Resources from a global segment can be configured for smaller segments and cubes can then mapped to one of these segments.

Segmentation in Kyvos is similar to a YARN queue. All of the available resources are part of the default segment and resources from the default segment can be configured for other segments. Cubes will be then mapped to one of these segments. This ensures that any particular cube does not consume more than its allocated resources in a segment, thereby guaranteeing the performance of other cubes.

The resources shown are those in your Kyvos installation. This feature allows you to allocate a dedicated resource for a particular cube so that the performance of that cube will remain the same.

To allocate resources

  1. From the Toolbox, choose Setup, then click Resource Allocation.
  2. Use the Search box or expand folders to navigate to the cube you want to allocate.
  3. Drag the cube to one of the segments shown.
    If cubes are not mapped, they use the default segment.
  4. Click Save.
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