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When you are using Kyvos in the cloud, you can monitor system usage.

Based on your current license type and deployment type you will see different usage details and if applicable, credit details.

This dashboard shows you a summary of the credits consumed by the computing and storage layers. You can view the credit consumed and the subscription information. 

System Usage  and Credit Details 

You can view details about usage and persistent storage, and depending on your deployment type, the credit consumed.

To access the dashboard, choose Setup and View Usage from the Toolbox. The System Usage Analysis dashboard opens in a new browser window. You can share, export, or refresh the data.

Optionally, if you have a subscription, you can choose Setup and Subscription plan from the Toolbox. Then click View Usage.

You can change the default usage period by clicking the in the last 30 days link.

System Usage Analysis

The System Usage dashboard displays details about both computing and storage usage.  Computing usage includes:

  • BI server
  • Query engine machines
  • Build cluster

You can also see the persistent storage totals along with charts showing details over time.

  • The computing usage shows the cluster usage for computation by layer, by date, and the trends of usage.
  • The storage usage shows the cluster usage for persistent storage layers and usage or credit consumption trends.

Right-click the dashboards to see additional options. The available options vary depending on which dashboard you are viewing. Options include:

  • Show info
  • Show data
  • Show detailed view
  • Show detailed view with all columns
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Export
  • Edit 

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