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You can monitor Kyvos at any time to learn the current status. Kyvos provides the Activity Monitor which lets you view status details at a glance.

From the monitor, you can:

  • View the list of active query engines and BI servers.
  • View the MDX or SQL code for queries by right-clicking a query in a list and choosing Show Query Details
  • Cancel running queries.
  • View details related to load balancing such as memory usage and the role of a query engine, for example, the Coordination Master.
  • Send requests to cancel or fetch a build summary for cubes or datasets. Requests are sent to the Kyvos BI server that served that request.
  • Check the progress of auto-population for any cube or cancel the operation if needed.
  • Download logs.
  • Copy information to the clipboard such as rows or cells.
  • View the lists of scheduled jobs, jobs in queue, and active users.
  • View build notes.

To use the Activity Monitor

  1. From the Toolbox, choose Monitor.
  2. Click the options at the top of the screen to view the following:
    • Overview
    • Scheduled jobs
    • Jobs in Queue
    • Running processes
    • Completed processes
    • Active users
    • Kyvos engines
    • Audit logs
  3. Click the ... menu to generate thread dump logs or to set the Monitor page as a landing page when you first log into Kyvos.
  4. When viewing a list, right-click an item to view the available menu options. 


From the overview, you can click Details in most of the panes to view the related details for that item. Clicking Details in a pane is the same as clicking that tab at the top of the Monitor. 

Right-click an item in a detail view to see additional options. The choices vary depending on the pane you are viewing and include Open, Show Details, Show Logs, or Copy to Clipboard. 

Here are the available choices when you right-click items in the different panes:

  • Open: opens the item you clicked in a new tab.
  • Show Details: displays the detail view in a new window. You can scroll to view all of the information, click Show Logs to view the logs, or click OK.
  • Show Query Details: displays the detail view in a new window. You can scroll to view all of the information, click Show Logs to view the logs, or click OK.
  • Show Job Status: displays the summary information in a new window. You can scroll to view all of the information, click the copy to clipboard icon, or click OK.
  • Show Notes: displays any available notes. 
  • Show Logs: displays the information in a new tab.
  • Copy to Clipboard: lets you select a row or cell then copies the selected information to the clipboard to use elsewhere.
  • Cancel Job: lets you cancel the selected job.
  • Analyze Query: displays the live query analysis workbook in a new tab.
  • Download Logs: downloads the logs to your local system.


You can force a refresh of the status by clicking the auto-refresh status indicator in the upper right corner. 

Sorting lists

In any of the panes that include lists, click a heading and the up or down arrow to sort the list in that order. Click the arrow again to change the order. The column that specifies the current sort order displays the arrow by default. 

Thread dump log

You can generate thread dump logs for any of the tabs at the top of the Monitor. 

To generate the thread dump log

  1. From any tab in the Monitor, from the ... menu, choose Generate Thread Dump Log.
  2. Click the icon to copy the results to the clipboard.
  3. You can paste it into an editor to view the results.

Roles and permissions

Your access rights limit the content that you can view in the Activity Monitor. If your role or security access rights don't provide you access to view certain data, you won't be able to view it in the Activity Monitor. 

Set as landing page

You can set the Activity Monitor to be the first page you see when you log into Kyvos. Click ... in the upper right of the page and choose Set as Landing Page.

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