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Most features in Kyvos are enabled by default. However, if your permissions allow you access, you can set options or copy files to folders to configure additional Kyvos features. 

For some features, you need to set options in the file. Once you configure the options or copy the appropriate files, these features become available in Kyvos.

Here is a partial list of options that can be configured to be available:

  • Crosstab heatmap
  • Worksheet tabs position (to allow a user to choose whether the worksheet tabs are shown at the top or bottom of the workspace)
  • Themes

Crosstab heatmap

Set options in the file to enable the crosstab heatmap functionality.

Worksheet tabs

Set options in the file to enable the option to set the Workbook tab position in Preferences. If this is not set, you won't see the option in the Preferences dialog box. 

Add themes

Once you add themes to the appropriate folder, the theme-related options in Kyvos become available. For example, you will then see theme options in dialog boxes where applicable. 

Add a themes CSS file to the /kyvos/jakarta/webapps/kyvos/client/themes/worksheet folder.

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