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Tableau is one of the most popular self-service, easy to use, BI tools that offers data visualization capabilities that help business users perform complex analysis using an intuitive, interactive, drag-and-drop process. Kyvos integrates seamlessly with Tableau enabling users to connect to their big data directly from their Tableau dashboard.

Kyvos supports Tableau connection through:

Drivers location

Tableau drivers are available at

Important points

  • To work with data extracts, select the Aggregate data for visible dimensions option. Extracts are generally not recommended with Kyvos, as live connections are possible.
  • Expressions returning constant values are not supported.
  • The Tableau DATEPART function is supported when used in conjunction with the STR function.
  • When using the semi-additive measures, FirstNonEmptyChild and LastNonEmptyChild; the TDS file connection method is recommended. If connecting manually, you will need to configure the measure as a distinct count.
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