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TIBCO Spotfire is a powerful enterprise-grade analytical platform for deriving business insights. It is a smart, secure, flexible, and scalable tool that provides data visualization capabilities.

Kyvos supports connection to Spotfire using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. To connect Kyvos cubes in Spotfire, perform the following steps.

  1. On the Spotfire Home page, click Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.
  2. Enter the URL as: http://IP:port/clientName/xmlaKyvos?username=__&password=__
    Make sure you provide a username and password.
    For example, if the username is JohnSmith, and password is Secret, enter the URL as: http://kyvos_install:8081/clientName/xmlaKyvos?username=JohnSmith&password=Secret

    TIBCO Spotfire

  3. If you are using Waffle, enter the URL as: http://IP:port/lyvosSSO/xmlaKyvosSSO
  4. Click Connect. This displays the Kyvos cube structure in the Database and Cube fields, as shown in the following figure.

    TIBCO Spotfire - Connected to Kyvos cube

  5. Click OK to start browsing
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