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You can use data connections to connect to your BigQuery data warehouse.

To set up or view a BigQuery warehouse connection

  1. From the Toolbox, click Setup, then Connections.
  2. From the Actions menu ( ⋮ ) click Add Connection.
  3. Enter a name or select it from the Connection list.
  4. Select Warehouse from the Category List.
    There may be more than one warehouse connection.
  5. For Providers, select BigQuery.
  6. Specify the Server to access Google APIs. For example,
  7. Specify the Port to use.
  8. Enter your Google Project ID for the Google Cloud Platform. 
  9. For Authentication Type, select Application Default Credentials.
  10. Click Properties to configure advanced settings. For example, to enable Views in BigQuery, set the value for viewsEnabled as true.

  11. Click Save.

To refresh connections, click the menu ( ⋮ ) at the top of the Connections column and select Refresh.

Configurations for building cubes using Google BigQuery warehouse 

To use the BigQuery connection for cube building, add the following Google BigQuery jar files in the Kyvos default connections properties.

connection.classpath.jar: ../lib/spark-bigquery-with-dependencies_2.11-0.15.1-beta.jar 

connection.sparkclasspath.jar: ../lib/spark-bigquery-with-dependencies_2.11-0.15.1-beta.jar 

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