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You can deploy Kyvos clusters on Azure, using any of the following methods.

  1. Automated deployment: In this method, the Kyvos Manager allows you to download a template, which when executed on the Azure portal creates the resources required for cluster creation and deployment. After the creation of these resources, you can continue with deployment.
  2. Wizard-based deployment: In this method, the Kyvos Manager allows you to use a wizard that will help to deploy a cluster using any of the following options.
    1. Cluster deployment using resources that are part of the Stack that was created by downloading a template from Kyvos Manager.
    2. Cluster deployment using resources created by the user’s own Stack. (Not the one created by downloading template from Kyvos Manager).
    3. Cluster deployment using resources that are created by the user without any stack.

Regardless of which option you select, if you do not have permission to fetch resources from the cloud environment, then you will need to manually enter the information related to resources (like IP of instances, name of the bucket). Resources are created by any of the means like Azure console, CLI, REST, or SDK.

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