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The Kyvos cluster is a dedicated hardware cluster on which the Kyvos application is installed. The Kyvos Manager Web application enables you to create and operate Kyvos clusters in an easy, streamlined, and consistent way with just a few clicks. The chapter provides information on prerequisites and procedures for deploying the Kyvos cluster for your on-prem environment.

To create and deploy a Kyvos cluster:

  1. Setup the cluster: In this step, define the cluster name, set up credentials and authentication details, and the hosts’ details for use as nodes in the cluster.
  2. Define Hadoop properties: In this step, define Hadoop vendor, library paths, and custom Hadoop properties for your cluster.
  3. Configure security properties: In this step, define settings for Hadoop authentication and authorization, and Kyvos authentication. You can also define single-sign-on configurations here.
  4. Configure Kyvos properties: In this step, define the settings for the Kyvos BI server, Query Engine, Kyvos Web portal, and Postgres server. You can also specify the high availability settings here.
  5. Review cluster summary: In this step, review the settings defined for the cluster. Make changes if needed, and then proceed to validate cluster settings.

Once you have successfully validated a cluster, you can deploy it.

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